09 1440 | May 2019

Privatization Program

The Privatization Program’s overarching objective is to strengthen the role of the private sector by unlocking state-owned assets for investment. Privatizing selected government services will improve quality of services and reduce government’s spending while taking into account citizens’ interest; it will also help the government to refocus its efforts on its legislative and organizational roles. Moreover, the program will attract foreign direct investments and improve the balance of payments. These objectives are in full alignment with Vision 2030.

Privatization is the transfer of ownership of specified assets or services from the government to the private sector. The transfer of ownership can be done in several forms, e.g. (not exhaustive) full/partial assets sale, IPO, management buy-out, PPP(BOT), concessions or outsourcing.

This document details the NCP Program’s ambitions, objectives, targets, and initiatives for the period 2018-2020.

Privatization Program Document