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Our commitment is clear: there will be no taxes on citizens’ income or wealth, nor on basic goods. We shall prudently and efficiently balance our budget, as well as diversify and maximize our revenue sources. Our goal is to keep prices stable over the long term, and give Saudi citizens greater economic security. In the public sector, we will seek to eliminate waste and continue to make spending more efficient. This will be achieved through stricter spending controls, focusing on high impact projects, aligning strategic priorities to budget, rigorous auditing and putting in place tough accountability mechanisms. We have reviewed all our existing and approved projects to ensure that they will have a sufficiently positive impact on the nation and our economy. We have taken the necessary measures to halt projects that fail to show potential impact and meet predefined standards. We will plan also for better management of our talented civil service, and provide shared services within our government according to best practices. We will work to further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Public Investment Fund, so that its proceeds can become a new and sustainable public revenue stream. Non-oil revenues will increase as logistical and trade flows increase, and as we grow a more diversified and balanced Saudi economy. We will continue to manage effectively oil production to ensure a rewarding flow of oil revenue and reinvestment. We will revamp government license and service fees and develop the appropriate collection tools. Finally, we will seek to offer, at appropriate fees, a number of new services in select sectors, such as municipal, transport and labor sectors.