09 1440 | May 2019

Quality of Life program 2020

Quality of Life Program 2020 is one of the Vision Realization Programs of Saudi Arabia 2030. It aims to improve the lifestyle of individual and family and to build a society in which individuals enjoy a balanced lifestyle, by setting up the environment necessary to support and provide new options that enhance the participation of citizens and residents in cultural, entertainment and sport activities. The achievement of the Program objectives contributes to create many jobs and to diversify the economic activity, aiming to include Saudi cities within the list of the best cities to live in the world.


Quality of Life Program 2020 improves the quality of life in the Kingdom through two main pillars of lifestyle improvement, and infrastructure development. It updates lifestyles by activating individuals' participation in entertainment, sport and cultural activities. It also improves the infrastructure by upgrading transport, housing, urban design, environment, healthcare, economic and educational opportunities, security and social environment.


Direct Objectives of Quality of Life Program 2020:


• Promote sport activities in society

• Achieve excellence in several sports regionally and globally 

• Develop and diversify entertainment opportunities to meet the needs of the population

• Developing the Saudi contribution in both arts and culture


The Program effectively contributes to the national economy, by encouraging the investment in new sectors that promote the economic prosperity of the Kingdom. The program encourages the private sector to invest in new sectors that are directly related to the quality of life and well-being of citizens. Moreover, it provides the environment appropriate for attracting foreign investments in these sectors. The Program also contributes to the development and diversity of the national economy, through the establishment of special areas, the reconstruction of economic cities and the development of the sectors of sport, entertainment, culture, and arts.


This document details the QoL Program’s ambitions, objectives, targets, and initiatives for the period 2018-2020.


Quality of Life program Document